TRACK NAME: More unused Terumi/Hazama lines (English Voice)

How some of these didn’t make it in, I’ll never know. Also another take of Kazuma’s name and even Celica’s.

"Well if it isn't my favorite puppy~" (smoothtroll)

"And it’s everybody’s favorite troll, Yuuki Terumi. The hell d’ya want, prick?"

(How is everyone today? Anymore requests for BBCP English lines?)

For the purpose of character-building, feel free to send an ask regarding anything you would like to know about my character.


(What have I learned playing Persona 1 Today?

Getting Ambushed is a GODDAMN DEATH SENTENCE.)

Edit: Getting Ambushed and CHARMED is EVEN WORSE.

(What have I learned playing Persona 1 Today?

Getting Ambushed is a GODDAMN DEATH SENTENCE.)


     It’s that time once again … well more of the time whenever I decide to make
     a Follow Forever. Guess this could be a little of a bias list but to me … I mostly
     want to give recognition to some amazing people who do great job at their
     portrayals of the muses. I always meet new ones and usually bring up blogs that I
     do hold dear to me. It’s the Muns who’ve been very thoughtful or just plain
     amazing when I got the opportunity to talk to them privately.

     For this time, I’ll be doing something a little different from what I normally do.
     Instead of being lazy, I’m not only going to be writing blogs that I recommend
     to follow but to do a little dedication post for people who have a certain symbol.
     It’ll be for them to see since I wanted to do it for a little thank you.

     Anyways, let’s get going! Once again, I will ask for no one to guilt-trip me or
     ask ‘why didn’t I make the list’ or something like that
. As I said, this is
     mostly for those I’ve had pleasure of interacting with or keep close to me. I’ll
     immediately ignore you if you try to make me feel bad for doing something like that.

     Precious Friends — Irreplaceable
(Be certain to click on the symbol right next to your URLs. I know this isn’t much but when you see everything, it’ll make sense. You guys are awesome and this is something I wanted to do for you all as a thanks for everything you’ve done.)

     anaraiz—aa  ; zenithcut  ; cherrylippedsnowblack  ; fatedeternity  

     Honorable Mentions — Companions

     not-so-black ; quamvisnexa ; your-sovereign-gambler ; trustingpains ; caballxro ;
     aisumadoushi ; sabazio ; sumgida ; usohebi ; reaper-of-vengeance ; the-stray-bullet ;
     beastkin-of-science ; legendasalvatoris ; worldofthefool ; textsfromkatsuragi ; dualfools00 ;
     sollertis ; imperatrice-rouge ; pallathena ; jiraix ; theapatheticmessiah ; the-mans-way ;
     thundersurqe ; laevateiinn ; cast-r ; papiliostulto ; iniquitas ; sola—cordis ;
     heartofthemagician ; igneusfloresvirent ; tomboychariot ; kouxeon ; raiidouxiv ; arbiitor ;
     armatae—bellatrix ; azure-bloodedge ; underxstood ; untamedprince ; adxchi ; eligitur ;
     investigativebeauties ; shadowrevolver ; shadowfilledhusk ; bottleofmuses ; lxyalmarquis ;
     foolisharcanum ; gooselullaby ; foggiest-idea ; skipthebooze ; glassmemoir ;
     inturbiduscuratrix ; degradation-system ; plxdge ; player-sakuraba-neku ; fxxlish ; orbofsight ;
     qingbang ; trashcanprinceofjunes ; fatamoirai ; aoyagiritsukaai ; wrathfultrapezeartist ;
     xmyosotis ; xmigiwa ; deathxkid ; edrord ; susanuh-uh ; proeliium ; musa-theatrum ;
     sanranseiza ; angeliclibretto ; headphonedraven ; unmeinowa ; ansxm ; joyeusxe ;
     dxsgusting ; lichtprinz ; black-bladed ‘; kreznik02 ; stulteholoserica ; serpentcide ;
     igniter-nexus ; hananoie ; sykomuses ; cityboygonecountry ; dollhouseofmuses ;
     transcendentxchronicles ; azoriumcosmos    

((I’m gonna die for this ))

Now there’s a sight that would open both eyes no matter how close Celica was to Ragna.

(Just got an NSFW image submitted to me. Heads-up for those following me in public places. Unless you don’t care what others think.)

I want to do a sale! (I’m poor hahahahha)



What would you guys want as a sale this time around? Refer to this price list and suggest to me how much you’d like to pay for something, like a bid or an offer and i’ll accept or whatever and do it for you I guess? 

Have a look here and pick something and let me know what you want to pay! 

So basically pay what you think it’s worth! Open slots!