P5 Protagonist: “H-hey guys…c-can I pretty please join your club?”

Naoya: “Isn’t he just the cutest!? Of course you can join us Megane-kun!”

Tatsuya: “…Mm. Fine with me.”

Yu: “You guys! No! He’s a total dweeb! A geek!”

Makoto: “…We let YOU in didn’t we?”

Even all the wild duck burger food

“NO ONE messes with Wild Duck Burger.”

the new guy is gonna use his chair army to rule everything and steal all the food

(And somewhere Kanji is proud.)


my OC is confirmed to be in P5, i can’t believe it

congratulation on persona 5 in 2015!

The new guy looks like the love child of Yu and Minato. Think about that.

(You think so? …Nah I don’t see it. He kind of gives off a Devil Survivor feel imo. Doesn’t help that the game takes place in what I presume is Shibuya.)




A part of me is imagining the new protagonist trying to join the club (members include: Naoya, Tatsuya, Makoto, and Yu) kinda like how Spongebob tried to join the Jellyspotters.

And Yu pulls everyone aside and goes:

"No, he’s a geek."

To which Makoto responds:

"We let you in, didn’t we?”

"Are my boys jealous of the new boy?" Raidon chuckled softly.

“I don’t think he’s handling it too well…”

“But…I wear glasses too…my strength is fading…”

“…The new guy. He’s…he’s prettier than we are!”