Junes must have shit security if not one person watching the cameras has ever reported 7 high school students and a mascot going into and stumbling out of a tv in the electronics department.

(So this just in. The P2 games live up to their namesakes regarding difficulty.

That is to say Innocent Sin isn’t too hard, fairly challenging but manageable. Eternal Punishment however has given me too many close calls and the second boss is wrecking me.

Maybe I’m underleveled or need new Personas? I dunno…but damn is this fight PUNISHING.)

"Don’t underestimate me, you F#€@ bastard!"

Ulala Serizawa, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment


Guess what’s sharper than a golf-club!

how did you?

(Lots…and lots…and LOTSof digging up old .cue files plus some tweaking of the PSX 1.13 emulator.

I have to test whether or not saves will work properly but still, it seems to play good enough. Let’s see how Maya handles the protagonist role!)

(When there’s a will…there’s a way. And boy did I find a way.)


*Credit to xluminosity for the photo*

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(Okay…everyone can shit on the Golden Animation for all it’s flaws and how it apparently didn’t even deserve it’s own series to be aired on TV or whatever their issues might be…

But this show’s version of Yu Vs. Adachi was FUCKIN’ RAD.)

Ragnu, all other ships can get out--- //hit wofjdjdbajdjaj

(Honestly I do find them kind of sweet, ya’ know…when she’s not being Stabby McMurder.)

"Too bad, it’ll never happen. Not while I have any say in the matter!”