Her arms neatly crossed on her chest, she eyed at him “The demons keep getting more and more powerful, Tatsuya-kun, which is why we should reconsider our strategy! Our personae aren’t the only answer! That is why we must combine our strength!”


"Take me to your piggyback and imitate like you always do! We’ll become invincible!"

The male listened to his older childhood companion intently and removed his hands from his pockets to fold them over his chest and ponder her words. Their SP was a little under the halfway point and being fresh out of Snuff Souls was problematic…negotiating didn’t make them necessarily stronger and as it stood, there was no reason her shooting combined with his swordplay couldn’t exploit some physical weaknesses.

…It was settled.

Crouching and kneeling forward, he looked at the reporter over his shoulder and motioned to her with his hands behind his back. “Hurry up and hop on. We’ll show them that it’s bad luck running into us.”

(So I’ve been absent here for a few days and frankly it’s just because my muse as the fools is becoming lost to me…that’s not to say I don’t have fun or anything it’s just hard to draw up the inspiration to write for them at present…in the meantime I’ve been on my other RP blog and doing stuff there but I’ll try and come back here when I can muster up the Minato & Yu that you all remember seeing from me.)


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"I’ll tell you what. If I ever do anything to hurt her that isn’t for her own good.” She knew damn well some things that were good for someone were painful, and when you loved someone you did them even if they hurt. "I’ll let you kick my fuckin ass up one side of the street, down the next, and back to hell as well. I love her and that’s a golden promise.”


"As for the earlier comment, shit she isn’t into that. We still don’t know how it happened and originally I think she regretted it, but now we’re both happy and that’s what fuckin matters right?”

"Seriously?" He brought a gloved hand up to his chin and furrowed his brow in confusion. "I’m not an expert on ‘love’ and relationships n’ shit…but I don’t think that’s usually how they start…" Thinking back to his own previous encounters with Noel for reference brought the tiniest of pinks onto his cheeks.

"But yeah, if she’s happy with ya’ then do whatever the hell ya’ want."




The Original Twelve


Jigglypuffs pose never changed until the new Smash


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Stop browsing eBay for demo codes! You can now play the 3DS Super Smash Bros. demo without any special codes. It’s available now on the eShop in North America and Europe.

The non-Club Nintendo version does have a play limit (boo), so, like, don’t close out the demo until you’re good and ready. Amazing animation from Aarnimation.

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I never saw this when he was an active blog, but this is awesome.


Doctor Arin and Nurse Danny perform an opeRAYtion