Tales of the Abyss ()

(On a similar note, I lost track of how many times I said “Jade, you dick.” or some variation of it throughout my playthrough.

He’s essentially Human Kululu right down to the curry and I love him for it, easily my favorite character.)


Like rappig, like namesake.

Fresh Thoughts on Abyss.

(What a ride…I finally beat my first mainstream Tales of game!

Now I’m not gonna lie. Kind of how I initially felt toward Persona 3, I thought Abyss was gonna be a game I beat once and not look back upon too fondly. Holy hell could I have not been proven more WRONG.

Around halfway into the game I found myself invested and drawn into the world of Auldrant, actively exploring the lore.

I found myself liking the main cast and detesting some of the villains. Like Matt from Super Gaming Bros. put it: “When a Tales of game wants to make you hate an enemy, you’ll HATE them.”

I think the best part for watching the credits roll was the acknowledgement of the Tales Forums. Namco CARES for their fans and the love from the fans in turn is REAL. That’s just…awesome.

Special thanks to Drea, Lady Temari and Koko-mun for urging me to play on. It was sooooo worth it. But now the next question is…

Which do I play next?)

(Tales of the Abyss = Complete.)

(Just got something of a harsh but much needed wake up call…gonna have to rethink some stuff. Namely what it means to “take charge”.)

Next up in the Starbomb/BlazBlue lineup…

"T-Trinity…w-will you listen t-to my speech…? I don’t have any r-real kind of strength or bravery…"

"B-but I just wanted to say w-while you’re s-still within my reach…thanks for the kindness that you gave to me."

"What up bitches!? You done pissin’ your britches!? Let me whip out my long snake so that you can kiss it!

"Yo’, you know who this is, It’s mothafuckin’ Terumi! Back from the boundary and I’ve come for you, Trinity!"

"We have some unfinished business from 90 years ago, you and I. It’s time we got this shit done before I let ya’ die~"

"Ya’ see I’ve got a real problem with my Nox’s needs…it’s been calling out for you ‘cuz it’s in Astral Heat… SO SUCK IT!

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(platonic crushes/ blog crushes etc. totally count)

Please do

(So while I wait for this video to render to put on my group’s commentary channel…does anyone wanna interact with mah sideblog?)