"I’ll tell you what. If I ever do anything to hurt her that isn’t for her own good.” She knew damn well some things that were good for someone were painful, and when you loved someone you did them even if they hurt. "I’ll let you kick my fuckin ass up one side of the street, down the next, and back to hell as well. I love her and that’s a golden promise.”


"As for the earlier comment, shit she isn’t into that. We still don’t know how it happened and originally I think she regretted it, but now we’re both happy and that’s what fuckin matters right?”

"Seriously?" He brought a gloved hand up to his chin and furrowed his brow in confusion. "I’m not an expert on ‘love’ and relationships n’ shit…but I don’t think that’s usually how they start…" Thinking back to his own previous encounters with Noel for reference brought the tiniest of pinks onto his cheeks.

"But yeah, if she’s happy with ya’ then do whatever the hell ya’ want."

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The Original Twelve


Jigglypuffs pose never changed until the new Smash


Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo now available to all 

Stop browsing eBay for demo codes! You can now play the 3DS Super Smash Bros. demo without any special codes. It’s available now on the eShop in North America and Europe.

The non-Club Nintendo version does have a play limit (boo), so, like, don’t close out the demo until you’re good and ready. Amazing animation from Aarnimation.

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I never saw this when he was an active blog, but this is awesome.


Doctor Arin and Nurse Danny perform an opeRAYtion




By Kouta Hirano, creator of Hellsing

I am pleased as fuck

Best.  Crossover.  Ever.


"One night stand, don’t ask how because even I don’t fucking know, we ended up tearing the fuckin bed apart in our lust." She chuckled, "That led to us wanting to get to know eachother, one fuckin thing led to another, I fell in love and it turns out so did she. Now we’re fuckin married and shit if I’d let anything bad ever happen to her."


"She means everything to me Ragna." 

"I didn’t think Noel was into that sorta thing…" Truth be told, he was expecting some sort of cynical snide comment that was going to piss him off but surprisingly…she sounded sincere? Momentarily at a loss for words, he mulled over the angel’s declaration and crossed his arms before finally answering. "Hmph. She’s important to me too ya’ know."

"Don’t do anything to upset her Stocking…’cause I’ll find out and kick your ass, ya’ hear me?" Ragna forewarned, giving the gluttoness a smirk. "That’s not just a threat, it’s a goddamn promise."